The Confraternity is established for the advancement of the catholic faith in the Anglican Tradition and in particular to promote:-

  • The honour due to Jesus Christ our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament of his Body and Blood,

  • Prayer for one another at the Eucharist,

  • Careful preparation for and reception of Holy Communion, including the Eucharistic fast,

  • The reverent and dignified celebration of the Eucharist and the reservation and veneration of the Blessed Sacrament,

  • The continuance of the catholic priesthood,and catholic theological teaching, learning and development.


At heart we are a devotional society, a group of people seeking to live the Christian life, drawn together by common prayer that finds its unity in Jesus Christ.

We have a love for Jesus in the the Blessed Sacrament that we seek to demonstrate by the reverence we show Him and the cause we promote. Everything else flows from that. Our members receive regular lists of Intercessions to hold us together in prayer.

A Ward is formed of a group of people, usually in a parish setting, or sometimes a wider area, who come together each month for an act of worship, devotion or study.

The Annual Festival

Each year the Associates meet for the Annual Festival usually the first Saturday in June in London. It is an opportunity to review the past year and recommit our work to God.


To support our objects we are able, from time to time, to make Grants of vessels, vestments and tabernacles to poor and populous parishes both at home and overseas. Applications should be made to the Secretary-General.


When the Trustees approve an application, the item which we grant is a standard one: a steel safe, 10″ x 8″ x 8″, sprayed gold, with a plain door, requiring an external veil (not provided). The door is made of 1/8″ steel plate with stove-enamelled steel hinges, and is secured with a 6-lever lock. The safe may either be bolted through the bottom to a plinth or shelf, or cemented into a wall. With every application, we need to know the exact position in which it will be placed and how it will be secured. We also need to know what vessel will be used for Reservation inside the safe. This information should be given with the application.


When The Trustees approve an application, the vestments which we grant are standard ones in white, green, red or purple Terital with a machine-embroidered motif, gold edge binding, and a plain stole. Where possible each colour has a different motif. We do not grant other styles or the money to buy them.

In an application for a grant of vestments, the colours requested should be listed on the application in descending order of priority.

All our grants are made on the condition that the item is to be returned to the Confraternity if it ceases to be used in the place and for the purpose for which it was granted, and the incumbent and churchwardens will be asked to sign a receipt acknowledging this. Returned items are occasionally re-issued to other deserving parishes.

Download a grant application form.

Loan Vestments

We have three sets of matching concelebration Chasubles available for loan: thirty each in white, red or purple, each with two dalmatics. They are available to priests-associate on request from the offices of the Additional Curates’ Society for a small fee plus the cost to cover postage and packing, or they can be collected. Contact the ACS in the first instance.

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